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Elevate Scaffolding, based in Rugeley provide competitive commerical and domestic scaffolding services, built on reputation & trust.


Fully Insured

& H&S Certified


Transparent Pricing


Over 10 Years



Built on Reccomendations

Elevate is a company that has been built on doing something we strive off. It’s important to us that we can accommodate all types of work and access.

We are a growing company that takes huge steps to keep up with health and safety. Making sure our staff and clients are safe is the biggest part of running our business. 

Through many years of experience and working on large and small projects we have been able to adapt and over come all types of work and access done safely. All off our scaffolders are fully trained and hold registered CISRS cards. 

As we grow as a company we hope to grow long lasting friendships with our clients. 



Absolutely fabulous! They were very competent, friendly, efficient and reasonably priced. Pleasure to do business with them. Thank you very much. Tina😊



Health & Safety

Health and safety is paramount at elevate to ensure both workforce clients and public are kept safe we ensure to do every thing it’s take to make sure will all go home to our family’s. 

All scaffolders have taken the correct training and work under the SG4:15.

Staff are briefed before any work commences and RAMS are in place. 

Over 10 Years

We have over 10 years experience in the scaffolding industry this includes working on large and small projects. Putting our clients needs first ensuring they have safe access on the scaffold while meeting all requirements they may have. 


Elevates main priority is to look after the safety and well-being of others therefore we make sure all of our insurance covers and protects everything we do.


Thiel-Lock® transom concept brings method to traditional scaffolding - traditional scaffolding has an important place because of its flexibility combined with affordability.

Scaffolding comprising of light-weight materials is essential because of the strict Occupational Health and Safety regulations. The van Thiel transom concept conforms to these requirements.

Thiel-Lock® transom concept is designed for constructing brickwork and independent tied scaffolds without ledger bracing and suitable for use in the shipbuilding, aviation and industrial sectors.

  • Provides a stiff scaffold without the need for ledger bracing

  • Suitable for every form of building and height due to the unique smooth tube connection

  • Cost-saving due to the fast and simple erection and dismantling carried out by only one person

  • No maintenance

  • Only 6 parts

  • Heaviest part weighs only 15.7 kg

  • Staggering Tube-Lock® is unnecessary

  • Guarantees a stable scaffold

  • Great logistic advantages on the building site, in the depot and with transport

  • Used tubes as well as new tubes can be used, which upgrades the existing material

  • Thiel-Lock® transom concept and the traditional scaffold are 100% interchangeable

  • In combination with the hop up bracket, bricks can be laid between the wall and the inner standard in an ergonomic manner conforming to the regulations

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